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Help! Edge just deleted my whole Dowbnload File!

Please review! In the process of trojan cleaning!

Sound Skipping

CPU doesnt complete windows log in

Left side of Star Menu is Black

internet explorer search issues

unable to get to windows screen

chkdsk will not work.

How to turn-off 'Bing Suggessions' at right top corner?

Load XP Themes Without a 3rd Party Program?

Can't access ip config or network connections

network driver problem

audio playback skips when cd/dvd drive is active?

Audio does not work!

CD Loading Icon on my Cursor

Windows will not start.

Remove down arrow from start menu

Problems with Windows 7 and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Graphics card.

Go back to your previous version of Windows

Computer crashing | hardware error

Auto log on after hibernate.

Windows 10 setup problems

Administrator Permissions - lost

problem with opening most programs

ACPI.sys BSOD problems

Sudden computer crash w video playback and game startup

Vista Freezing and Crashing after Driver updates

does windows 10 have fax program

Incredimail alternative

Windows last updates

BSOD - Need some HELP!

getting rid of recent folders on right click in taskbar

Windows 10 taskbar broken

install program for 1 account only

Programs Wont Start UP

Outlook to start automatically when computer does

HUGE problem updating

How to backup or reset the start menu in Windows 10

Laggy Browser?

New windows Issue.

Help ! My PC Freezes

Windows & corrupted ci.dll - start up repair virus

Ntuser.dat missing

problem getting rid of icons in lower right taskbar

Computer Restarts without BSOD

Stop Windows from downloading drivers

Rundll32.exe and audio/performance choppiness issues

Multiple windows and programs BIG problem!

PC and Ethernet problem

unable to update windows 10

Windows Search Doesn't Work

Updates error and system environment error

I got windows 10 on my PC but can't get it on my laptop

Boot Annoyance/Problem

32Bit Windows 7 Ram question

crash and hard reset for no aparant reason

Still have sound trouble!

start menu on boot

dl.exe EMP405.exe infection. Extremely slow PC

Media files suddenly problematic

ATI Radeon 7500 video card not working

windows does not start properly

Cloning Windows.

how to intrepret windows error logs [moved to win10]

Having trouble installing windows

Initial Start up freezes

Mouse wont click after boot.

How to make Windows see less memory?

Prob with sysprep

crash when to much ram used

Crazy virus.multiple windows.

Windows XP Pro erroneously reporting device services not installed at startu

Windows 10 Theme ?

PC stuck in rebooting loop

Windows 7 lock ups (non-BSOD) and etc

a lot of programs freeze

Defrag not defragging!

Reserved For Windows 10 And Tried Media Creation Tool

Dead Start Menu

try to install . reboot


windows does not boot.

Windows Media DRM Issues

Please Select Your country window + More

I tweaked and lost ram

Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrades to suppress PC sales

Mouse doesn't work on reboot.

Windows/Printer Status window freezing

Problem installing software on win7

Windows Keep Loosing Focus

New Board + Processor cause XP to crash while loading

windows 7; worth it?

Help Computer Extremely Slow almost Dead!

Windows 7 "New Folder" button causes explorer to crash

windows installer issue (and upload issue?)

(Vista) Taskbar pops up and disappears

Should I install Windows 10 or stay with 7 Ultimate?

windows password not right

Bios clicking with every keystroke

Pre installed windows 10 but trying to install windows 7

AVG won't load and get this virus

game keeps minimizing

Problems with booting up certain games & PrintScreen [moved from Hardware]

How To Restore Default Folder Options?

Not Possible to Login to MS Account on computer

Windows install stays @ 39 percent. help please

GMER made my laptop not able to turn on

Since the latest Windows Update

Wndows & driver problems

Microsoft now offering Windows 10 upgrade during Windows 8.1 setup process

so weird! sound turning off! help!

Planning to upgrade to Win 10 but have privacy issues with it

HELP: When I opened my win7 this morning

Explorer not working and cant load malware

system tray problem

Update Failed - Now Something is Wrong with PC

My start menu causes explorer to freeze when I try to run an app

Get Windows 10 Question

Lock down PC to run just one application

File folder in Vista disappeared cannot be found

trouble opening programes

Can create User accounts but computer doesn't recognize them?

Constant Trojan.Zlob-X.a pop-ups in IE

Windows 7 Screen Saver Error?

directX not available

Windows Explorer keeps closing automatically after few seconds

toggling between sound card and usb headphone

Can not log in with 2 user accounts

Windows search doesn't display search box

Issue with device manager and sound

administrator wont work

Usual story - PC really slow

Programs wont open: Explorer

Can a Registry Attack cause issues

Slow after windows update

BSOD win10

install issues

BSOD occuring in windows vista and 7

Unable to boot Windows successfully

Random Slowdown and Choppy Audio

Windows security badge vanished ?

Laptop freezes just after boot up


Sound DVD and Network Drivers lost

Fresh Install From CD Without Reformat

Music/audio lagging

Hd audio problem =(

Windows won't start without usb inserted

Help on Vista 32 HP OEM for system Builders

Focus Stealing

Sudden lag after updating a file

Windows 7 seems to boot but doesn't respond

Bsod-windows 7 randomly freezing.

Windows demands a new product key.

Re: Computer hangs up until I press Cont+alt+del

computer freeze/crash and internet lag

Audio Driver (not working)

Sound lag on brand new system

Windows 10 BSOD

Vista to Windows 7 Networking problem

explorer.exe continually closes/freezes

Windows didn't ask for my cd key

Screen Flashes

CHKDSK not running in any mode

Windows 10 Reaches RTM Escrow - Rumors

The Joy of WindowsUpdate.

Endless Reboot on my laptop

how can i get all tray icons on one line

help windows don't turnoff/restart

My windows version: Virus 10

Top open window does not stay active

Taskbar not responding

XP SP3 Freezes (Not completely) Durring login

reoccuring BSOD's different error every time

Start Bar Expansion

urgent programs won't open[moved from C&A]

Bluescreen every few minutes

pirated copy of windows-microsoft locked out

Help With Trying To File Share

Windows being deselcted

Cannot open Windows Store in Windows 10

my icons on my desk top is all white and will not open

Windows 7 lowering Sound level

Itunes causes USB / ipod issues in Win7

Asus freezes every 10th second

Cant run old programs & games on vista?

Slowwww Bootup Problem

computer stuck in restart loop

PC won't load Windows after the day after using a shutdown shortcut

Repeated BSODs Windows 7 with varying error messages (yikes)

Upgrading to Windows 7 - Questions

Taskbar Keeps Freezing

new issues with an old XP machine. Is it a virus McAfee can't find and clean?


Random Slow downs and program crashs.HELP. :( [Moved from XP]

Hangs and BSOD's

Admin Rights - Help Me Save Them!

Windows having several different problems

CHKDSK dosn't run on reboot when scheduled - tryed everything

Newby ; 0xc0150004 error

Windows could not start up correctly

Suddenly sluggish performance

volume control window is all the way to the right

Microsoft is trying

Taskbar freezes temporarily during login

New drive not searchable

After post - goes into loop

Close down takes a long time

Windows Mail Layout

BitTorrent is giving me BSOD

Computer Crashed During a Partition Modification

Change fonts in windows explorer (RESOLVED)

very odd streaming video problem (IE6)

Severe lagging of PC

BSOD Please help

Massive failure for my DELL XPS

My Labtop is running slow! I have tried everything. Please Help me?

installer won't work

Upgraded to Windows 10 and now the internet doesn't work.

having problems installing windows

printer problems after reinstalling XP

My computer installs updates 1 of 1 when I shut down.

Memory usage is extremely high need PLEASE help!

corrupted registry

Laptop wont work with homegroup

Make it so it looks like Windows 7 Desktop

Sound issue

BSOD when accessing IDE drives

Computer Randomly Crashes

Would upgrading to windows 10 solve the updates issues

will i get a new and different key when upgrading to windows10

Slow Startup and other Errors!

Install issue

Vista fails to start after Windows Update

Cannot hear any damn sound in my system

Can't use scroll wheel when dragging files

Elusive malware after cleanup attempts - popups

Missing tray icons and slow log in

BSOD Cannot boot properly

Windows does not load

Newbie in need of help reguarding: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

window not starting

mouse crash after windows update

Computer Crashes and freezes

Hi Ram usage

hp 1205 software will not uninstall

Unable to get past "Starting Windows" during startup

Really annoying pc[moved from xp]

5 Min Boot - Slow Speed - Laggy Sounds

Surfing has slowed right up

my OS becomes so slow within couple of days

Virus has caused Network Adapter to now work

Windows 10 RTM: June is the target

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 will come to small ARM tablets

Strange Sounds/Popups

Slow Computer. Not Malware

Can't go into standby mode?

Laptop so slow its unusable. sys restore wont work

My Computer displaying incorrectly

Windows 7 computer cannot connect to my Windows 8 network

Stuck on a limited user account

Updates failing for the past 2 weeks!

Pc won't get past loading screen

Problems with registry when loading programs

How to "Re-do" entire computer.

MSN doesn't startup and Windows Explorer Freezes (Moved from Windows XP)

Serious Windows issue (possible Win Update prob)

BSOD PC2 - Win7

About:this crippled my computer

PC running Incredibly Slow after My Daily Horoscope

Malware Help in Windows 2000/NT

Unwanted startup entries

Wireless not working after update

Shut down errors.

PC Crashes can't figure out why

Login Problems - Lost my Admin Rights

Upgrade from Home to Prof. PROBLEM!

(Q) How can I prevent an application from disabling DWM and Transparency?

Options at bootup screen

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