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HijackLog (banners.searchingbooth popups)

HJT -- Too many pop-ups

help i have a annoying pop up

Pop ups Storage Protector

IE pop ups


Pop-ups and trojans

Pop-Ups and more.

Pop up Nightmare

Malware and Pop-ups and Trojans

Systemtray popups claim malware & trojans

Lots of popups. Very slow.

Help with Appl Error pop up? pop-up on start up

Desktop infested with Pop-ups

Frequent Popups - Rightonadz and others

Help w/ popups

web nexus and pop up problems

Virus pop up attack

Pop ups and computer running real slow

Internet Popups Not Being Blocked

IE Browser Pop Ups!

popups and norton not working

Hi could i have som help please with pop ups

Insne amount of pop-up windows

Popup problem as others had

pop up when computer starts

Popups and Slow Internet/Computer

Random IE Pop-ups - Hijackthis - Phatell41

pop ups keep coming

Popup on Firefox & IE-Software education

pop ups and malware problems

Popup help

Popups and changes IE settings

)*&^@*@*)(^^ POPUPS

Too many pop-ups

Please help: Constant Popups

Help.had tons of system is very slow

cant ged rid of pop up window

Pop up problem!

Need help please. Pop-ups and advertisements come like crazy.

IE popups

Several pop up issues

Pop up city. Help!

so many popups :(

lots of pop-ups and trojans

popups and no downloads

Please Help -- Pop Up Problems

Constant pop ups. very slow computer. Mirc involved?

Vista Antivirus08 ; downloading trojans ; pop-ups ; explorer shutting down

Pop Up Never going away despite what i try. Please Help!

Windows IE popups

Help. popups

Still Receiving Popups After Running Ad-Aware and Spybot

Annoying pop up with Firefox

Huge Amount Of Popups

Getting Pop Ups

Popups and unknown Virus

I need help with popups

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