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IE6 Problem With AJAX


I have had some frustrating issues with jQuery in the past that silently failed with IE6/7. Mark as an Answer Platform Case Studies and Docs Subscription Services Request a Demo Marketplace Apps Downloads Company Press Releases Careers Contact Us 1400 Montefino Avenue Diamond Bar, CA 91765 USA Try changing the parameter you're capturing from event to something sure to avoid collision, like evt, e.g.: $('ul#coverTabs > li > a').live('click', function(evt) { evt.preventDefault(); // Find href of current tab If your not sure how to turn it on, check this out SiteCrafting Menu Solutions Company Work Connect AJAX & IE Caching Issues Sep12 By Ken Foubert I've been working on his comment is here

Next, the form closed and the Ajax jQuert.get() method was called. Luckily enough, once you've experienced it (or read about it, for that matter), it's a pretty simple thing to guard against. Or not? Mmmm, I was rather baffled, especially since I've been using this jQuery.get() on the other functions, and encountered no problems like this.

Ajax Not Working In Ie 11

Mark as an Answer RE: Internet Explorer and AJAX issues March 28, 2011 9:19 PM Answer Jay Patel Rank: Regular Member Posts: 119 Join Date: February 23, 2010 Recent Posts This share|improve this answer edited Jun 9 '11 at 18:38 answered Feb 23 '10 at 17:12 Corey Downie 2,99711725 yes, i know that IE6 does throw an Javascript Error, when I quickly queried Google for "jquery ie caching get" and the very first entry, Ajax IE Caching Issues, had the solution.

David Edwards September 5, 2012Reply Bravo. Apart from leading Cypress North, Matt architects our company’s datacenter, engineers dozens of custom applications, and directs the rest of the development team. There are also some who will say you should not use a POST request for every AJAX call as I’ve suggested. Ajax Call Not Working In Ie9 Seems pretty straight forward, right?Nope!Unfortunately, a number of IE users got in contact with me to say that the form wasn't working for them.

It turns out that, according to a comment from that article, the http specifications says any agent in the chain can cache the GET request, which Internet Explorer tends to do. Internet Explorer Ajax Not Working It's almost... This causes a lot of issues within WooCommerce, especially when it comes to adding products to cart. After doing a bunch of digging around on the web I learned IE 9 caches Ajax's GET requests.

Any ideas where i am going wrong? Ajax Ie11 If you're using JQuery to perform your Ajax requests, you can add cache: false to the parameter list like so:JavaScript $.ajax({ url: url, cache: false, dataType: 'json', type: "GET", data: data, I had no idea how you worked this out, and I dread to think how much time you lost 🙁 but it solved my IE9 AJAX woes!! Go Here For Last Minute Deals That Will Ship Fast - Deal...

Internet Explorer Ajax Not Working

I really like it, LifeRay and jQuery make it really easy, but unfortunately, it doens't work too well with IE, at least for me. This saved me a lot of pain and anguish. Ajax Not Working In Ie 11 Try looking at $.getJSON. Internet Explorer 11 Ajax Caching Can you check the fiddle on your IE? –Jaime García Pérez Apr 25 '14 at 9:13 can you post too the HTML Response of /products/show_cart? –Jaime García Pérez Apr

The Solution The problem has to do with IE timing out the request even though data is being transmitted. http://tcdownload.org/not-working/having-problem-with-my-laptop-moved-to-win-vista.html Its been quite frustrating. External software conflicts Related information Help improve our documentation WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Dave September 24, 2013Reply Thanks for the help. Jquery Ajax Not Working In Ie9

Luckily LifeRay and jQuery make AJAX really easy. Thanks for this but neither seems to work. Josh Comley August 9, 2014Reply Really, really, thank you. weblink I spent hours trying to figure out this goofy intermittent IE9 problem.

My theory is that initializing this XDomainRequest object takes some time depending on the resources of the client box. 500ms was a good value for us to get a variety of Ajax Post Not Working In Ie Using Fiddler and Firebug, we were able to see that the request was being made properly, and even the response was coming back properly, but at some point, IE would simply I don't really like this choice, because I find GET requests are a lot faster than POST requests.

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End to a great weekend Hey, check out these pages!!About Greenville Web Design My South African Koeksister Recipe Greenville Web Portfolio Copyright BeforeSite LLC DBA Greenville Web Facebook Twitter Google Plus Varun Sheth July 17, 2013Reply This is not working for me in IE7 it works in all other versions of IE if($.browser.msie && window.XDomainRequest) { var xdr = new XDomainRequest(); xdr.open("get", I'm sure it is just an IE quirk/crpaness. Ajax Internet Explorer Two things we had to do one was to tell the users to turn on Tools->internet options->browsing history->everytime load the page...this is a dirty solution when it comes to intranet.

Apparently, Internet Explorer is notorious for caching the results of Ajax GET requests. This is a JSP page that accepts URL variables, queries the database and updates a HTML table which is then called by the AJAX and returns the results to the smae Here's the original code that caused IE to cache the response. http://tcdownload.org/not-working/appearance-customizing-problem.html jquery ajax internet-explorer share|improve this question edited Apr 25 '14 at 8:44 asked Apr 25 '14 at 8:33 Carl Bembridge 1401411 1 wich version of IE are you using?

Once IE has successfully made a GET request, it will no longer even make that AJAX call until the cache expires on that object.The Solution(s)Fortunately, fixing the issue is easier than Example: var my_ajaxurl = 'http://website.com';
var ie_fix = new Date();

jQuery.get( my_ajaxurl, {
'id': 2, // assume this never changes
'ie_fix' : ie_fix /* this will change every Also, on this line: setTimeout(function () { xdr.send(); }, 0); I had to change it to: setTimeout(function () { xdr.send(); }, 500); To get it to work. i.e.

Now our IE9 users can use SVG, and not Flash! Email us at: [email protected] Call us for website design: 1-864-735-8378 Location: Greenville, SC iT cAme frOm thE BLOGs Article: Cancer Survivors in non ACA States Photo: Greenville County Museum of art Menu Skip to contentHomeCheckoutPurchase ConfirmationPurchase HistoryTransaction FailedContact Ajax request returning the same results in Internet Explorer. It sounds like there's either no .benefitWrap div in the returning markup or it's empty. –Dave Ward Feb 24 '10 at 14:19 Yeah i don't think it is coming

You can use this code: You can check this jsFiddle with diferents versions of IE: Damien March 11, 2013Reply Thanks a lot for this help ! Get our Daily News newsletter Go 34% off TurboTax Deluxe 2016 Tax Software Federal & State - Deal Alert No Tax Knowledge Needed.

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