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help cleaning computer out

Infected Comp =(

Finding Drivers after recovery

help i've got viruses and adware

master account internet problems

Bridging Internet From Win 7 to XP via Ethernet XOver Problem

I have a problem with nero. Can't burn a big avi file to a dvd

How to reformat without the installation CD OR burning one.

no control of my pc

Unusual behavior holding down buttons/keys on mouse/keyboard

How to open w7 in large screen

Browsers don't display ads

Formatting DVD

What Happens To My Software If My Computer Breaks?

Changing email address!?

How to remove IE 6 Default Connection?

two os systems

Windows 7 Crash/System Failure - Hard Drive Dead?

redirect problems and site blocks

unblocking website

Malware/Virus attack - need help to remove

XP rar problems and crashes

Windows display size on my monitor

How to integrate SATA drivers in nLite with a .exe

Need help to remove pop-up virus

Can't remove wmp 10 from program files

Drivers upgrade needed?

Slow Computer. Possible malware.

2 operating systems on c drive .

Viewing movies from my camcorder on my laptop

can I remove XP and install 98 instead?

Removal of Malware or Virus Help Needed

I think i had a blowout.

Icon Problem!

how to uninstall BiosAgent plus from

Help Please - Virus On my laptop

Regular IE7 Popups - cannot detect cause

Possible malware infectation on my pc

Hmm. Can anyone take a look at my log?

My software is still activated !

Game Keylogger

Pop-up Malware

P2P Networking- how to remove

Trying to restore acomputer that is new to me

uber annoying time pop-up

How To Recovering Deleted Files From A Portable Hard Drive?

System Very Slow - msupdate Malware Suspected

Blocking sites on the computer

virus\malware problem

How to Remove Live Search in IE7

Is This Enough Info to Sell a Computer?

Locked out of Data!

Internet Explorer popping up when using Firefox

Virii/malware on my PC? Still there

Unable to delete Adware/Spyware

HELP!? I keep getting random pop-ups leading me to random sites!

Something (Virus?) executing Windows commands

Personal Network and file sharing.

Do i have a keylogger (quick task)

Plz Help Me ! How To Repair corrupted Files

how do i know if my pc will burn or broken if it wil be open for long ?

Blank monitor after selecting Extended Display option

Help! Wife infected computer.

Virus on laptop help

Copying Program Files Then reformatting

Unable to boot pc possibly due to malware

Easy To Fix Virus

Vista OS can I boot XP from external?

De-bugger is bugging me! Pic Inside :)

Getting many IE popups

Google Search Redirecting from normal websites

Strange problems after ram replacement

Reduction in web page load times in IE and Firefox; can't work out why

Need help laptop runs fast then slow.

Using the Recovery Disc

Weird issues on PC that was working fine (no boot

Sluggish Computer Prompted me to Try your Steps

Defragment Vista?

Unsolicited Random Pop-ups. Hijack This Log inside.

Spyware problem

Computer filled with Adware

How to Reboot to the same settings?

how to deal with winkve32.dll infected with trojan?

How to delete 0size broken files?

need help making screenshot

Hotmail inbox auto deleting mail over 10 days old

Says my C drive has not been formatted

Malware taking over my computer

? how to get a webpage to load "centered" within browser?

Help! My computer is "infected"

popups and adware

How to delete corrupted files on XP?

Incredibar MyStart Problems

Potential malware attack

Help. Problems with Malware

uninstall ubuntu and install xp

Dekard Logs Highly syware invested Laptop

Fonts are larger

How to install Reltek Lan drivers from a zip file

XP - folder permission

Windows Recovery Trojan

[resolved]Boot Loop

pop-up spam

babylon problem won't go away

to allow and deny sites

HELP: How to Remove Virus and Erase Everything?

Freezes whenever i try to do something

emails won't stop in inboxes

Edit source of HTML file

Lots of spyware( i think)

Transfer Music

Is it possibleto make a 'direct' copy of a DVD

how do i uninstall programs completely?

wireless connection resetting

Advice on how to decrease CPU utilisation under Vista

Guardian Anti-Virus is blocking my Guest Account from getting internet.

Please Someone Help Me I cant work this out.

After Cleaning my System of Malware

Trying to access malware infected drive

How to remove Calsp.dll

Can't Remove VSToolBar

malware infected computer: tony_g

Need to see if laptop is clean

Picture tasks-My pictures-Laptop

My computer is infected with the V

Help! Need to clean virus & others

computer infected (logs)

help needed removing spyware or virus

F1 at strat up

Unwanted Popups

can't get rid of virus!

Can someone let me know if these files are safe to delete?

Palikan hijacked my PC

xp reformat

Can't acess files after reinstallation of XP

How to transfer everything on laptop to one user on desktop.

Please help with mp3 burning-data CD-keeping folders.r/o

How to delete temp files in my c: partition.

Help getting rid of spyware

Advert virus

computer infected. HELP

2 Drives with 2 operating systems aat same time?

Question about stealth running data erase programs

Need help removing viruses

Viruses removed

I would like to know on how to change my bios string or bios id

Trouble after finding and removing virus

Keep iPod updaters?

how to sign out yahoo mail in IE8?

Spyware on my computer?

How do I email a favorites list ?

making icons smaller on vista

how to poen miltiple interner windows

bad motherboard?

How to organize like this?

how to "hijack this"

Computer lockout

create a new drive d:

How to erase old internet

On startup

Diffuculty uninstalling software in Vista

Is it possible to remove SP3 in DOS

Removing a Partition?

No display after changing settings

Constant web browser spawns w/advertisments

MS Paint reduces file size

Dial up virus / spyware. Please help me.

Adware/Virus yuup search Internet/comp slow

What is a good free program to take care of what open up when computer come on

Reposting to move closer to top

changing default "maximized window" size

how to pinpoint what is causing a crash?

How to get computer to ask if I want to run a program again?

Malware on friend's computer

Do I have a firewall?

Having Spyware problems again! Help

How to unbold when typing an email

Trouble with Malware.

Need some help removing virus!

cant load windows xp on my newly built pc

My computer is block certain websites?

Emailing large files

Need help w/my copying my dvdr into another dvr

help needed with spyware detection

Locating my Win XP Upgrades/fixes

Windows Restore Virus- Any Advice Thanks?

Can't Install XP Pro on to an HP Notebook dv6 (intel) i7 machine

How to use/build/transfer folders om my new drive?

AT&T Leaving mail on server

Virus? Spyware? Can't find it!

Winamp not listed in Programs and Features

Reformat and backing up

Sharing my files

How to clear setup on old laptop?

how to remove pop up from "" ?

Computer MESSED UP

Full Bandwidth speed for Downloads

How do I get rid of trojan horse SHeur2.AQXP? (Zlob?)

Cleaning up a friends old laptop

My other laptop is infected.

MS Outlook Multiple contact list creation

Limited access to D Drive for non-admin users

How to use VPN Connection

suddenly too many advertisements on browsers

trojan.cachecachekit won't go away.and i tried what you said!

formatting pc

Upgrading RAM in XP

My computer is infected.

Pop-Up/Adware/virus issues.

Spyware and popups galore. ad.yeildmanager too

Wierd pop-up

Burning music cd?

Adware/Virus on Windows XP

sharing a drive root in w7 64

How can I resolve my problem?

Address Bar Deletions

a virus/trojan/rootkit is killing ym computer

Computer graphics or upgrade for certain games

Running two os

google redirect

Can't get rid of mywebsearch

Kaspersky deleted several of my .dll files.can I restore them?

installed Windows 7 twice.

can't load xp after virus clean

How to install Windows 8 in a separate disk

How do I sign things electronically?

How do you turn off parental control?

Audio Recording problem

NetBook won't cut on after getting virus

Malware issues.

ipod troubles

Transferring system files from one install to another?

Help please Virus or Malware problems suspected.

executable files appear as shortcuts.

can an USB extended cd rom boot up a PC?

how to share downloads folder in homegroup

Can I restore deleted internet file to my hard drive?

Is this stopping shutdown?

Hit save without selecting location

How to view html websites in IE history without internet connection

Writing 2 image files onto one cd

I cant delete Autorun.inf in my Drive E

how to download videos from internet

help removing a worm and trojan in xp

Can't copy anything to my f cd writer drive

Remove files from DVD

Help me rid a friends laptop of malware/spyware

help! mixidj on browsers and messing with OS

Start menu toolbar has moved!

How to remove this thing from MY COMPUTER

I am being bombarded

How do I set up XP to send/receive faxes? I have cable connection

Disabling USB storage Drives & Access to Regedit Questions

Changing a windows message

3 copies of xp on my system ! :(

make a bootable disk ?

Virus/Trojan? Internet problems? Cannot install/uninstall programs!

Antivirus/Virus Help Please

Please Check my PC . I want to boost it up . thank you.!

XP Wireless Problem

WLAN drivers not installing . Used to work :s

How to Factory Restore your Computer

Maximizing and Minimizing

how to install IE7 remotely through VB script

Google Redirect and other things

Cannot Install Programs After Defragging

Persistant IE pop-ups - do not know the source

Remove 2nd OS Difficulties

Broken Shortcuts and Data Recovery

BSOD and Unable to run WinDBG

Notepad Change Recovery

Lan with internet conection

Constant IE Pop-ups

Find previously uploaded imgur images

Registry; Where does windows store installed programs info?

Will Mac OS catch malware Popdeals

Computer got infected with virus need help

Locating unlabeled files on the start menu

help with corrupt files

Rootkit infection

Please check my log - popups driving me nuts + computer slowing down

Family computer is infected

Virus? I need help badly

Installing XP Pro Over Vista

Multiple copies of WinXP Home

Windows XP Pro blocks some programs from connecting to internet

Suspected malware infection

Incredibly annoying malware/spyware

network folder sharing

Computer was attacked by antimalware doctor/security suite malware/computer wont boot

Printer connection

Problem recovering files

how to delete visited websites?

Infected Machine! Not sure with what!

Restricting specific users internet axx on XP

Downgraded to XP

Suspect Trojan in my computer

help viruses

I Cant change the program a TXD File Opens With

I think I might have a keylogger

I think i have some kind of malware or adware

windows mouse sensitivity.

Log of a recently infected system

csrss.exe virus

OS installation in laptop

Comp running slow. popups. viruses?

Constant Popups

Network Driver problem: Upgrade W98SE -> WinXP Home

have large monitor - want smaller windows

POPup adds and Google search redirects

how to change the language of operating system to English language

Link in address bar changes to another link automatically :(

comeback from hybernation

Programs Connecting To Internet

Popups - local scans clean

Search results automatically highlighted

I want to get rid of linux.

Uncompress files

Your system is infected! problem

Problems With Accessing Files Via Command Line

Issues with games and monitor.

Help ! no msxml192z.dll found.

Recovering data after using Recovery drive in Vista

Popups and Browser/Explorer Slow-down

cannot delete trojans

Help! I think my computer might be heavily infected

Personal data totally erased.

Was informed DriveCleaner sign of malware

Virus infected shortcuts/volume/images/winrar files

Eset will not remove atapi.sys trojan

Extracting Winzip or 7-zip files to specific locations.

Issues with virus/malware/registry

BSOD Windows XP- Self-built computer won't boot

Laptop infected

lag issues?

Trojan / Worm / Virus :: cannot access microsoft website

Google Hijack and Pop-ups Help

Rootkit and Malware

outlook desktop icons

Help needed -Can't remove Keylog-Perfect Files

Help me please. lot of spyware and virus in this comp !

Reformating without drive?

My PC got infected and I cant treat it

Need Help with Malware Infection

google pop-up on start up.

Just removed W7 antivirus virus

? Characters- how to change back to Big5

VLC Subtitle get more and more out of sync

Do I have a spyware problem?

Protecting against any installation

connecting two pc with direct cable in win 7

Constant Ads And Trojans

Any Help? malware or registry i dont know:(

Vista please!

getting rid of partial files

hdmi with newly installed vista

Trojan infection/No Control Panel

My Favourites Button has Gone and Ctrl and Delete buttons won't work in my D

How to erase a sata hd with Stompsoft Drive Washer

OS change

Stop windows from going into sleep mode

Webcam and PC Shutting Down

DLL error?

Do I still have any infections? Kaspersky says 14 viruses and 46 infecions.

Frozen Programs - Constant Pop-Ups

Block bad site

computer keeps getting malware.log attached

xp automatically creating account with name ca$

Passwords known by B/F (HJT Log)

Potential Keylogger/Trojan infection? Help needed!

What is the Firefox add-on scrap book equivalent of IE?

Possible Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Required

Help With Malware/Virus

Suspected Malware/Spyware

i need tips for protecting my PC from viruses

Gaming ping

Virus? Ads and crashing

invisible hard disk

Stop scandisk message

HELP! before i kill my desktop.

Friends help me out - Spyware problems

Registry/Re-installation Query

How do I know my computer is really safe?

Virus Problem (Re-Do)

how to reformat a laptop

Pop up ads

I give in i need expert help with Worm/virus

AntiVirus disabled

Computer has a virus?

How to wipe memory for xp laptop?

how to tell if xp version is pirated?

Getting Lots of Pop-ups

How can I make a file which

USB virus

new used computer start up

How to enable multiple display on my desktop?

Broken .lnk and exe's turning up in C:\RECYCLER\NPROTECT

Need comp is infected!

Constant popups when I use the internet-with things like antiviruspro etc.

Add folders to explorer bars?

Infected PC

Corrupt Files! HELP!

Malware Attack - Please Help

Ransomware/wpbt0.dll error message removal

clean startup history

i think i have virus in my computer

Malware and cannot run spyware removals

Ads popping up

Please help: Getting rid of popups.

need new bookmark folder!

Recovering drive contents after a virus

Malware problem

wireless printing via mac osx

how to use Outlook Express inside Netscape ?

Laptop keeps being infected by spyware/malware

Random Popups. Tryed everything

too much malware

HomeWork/Windows Scandisk

Remove registry files of uninstalled software

Windows cant have 2 DVD-R?

can windows folder be accessed over network?

Laggy PC ( popups won't go away.

Malware problem or o/s problem

Backup Discs

PC Slow Down and Constant Virus Detection

Am infected with something

Help me mantainig it clean and fast

how can I downgrade to XP?

Trying this one More time - Application infected issue unable to run analysis tools

Program install path question

HELP! computer infected

HP gs62-222us with browser problems

Laptop makes random audio noises through speakers *FILES ATTACHED + LOG IN REPLY*

cmd.exe process and blocked access to www

Needing help with spyware? problem

Strange Anti virus has installed on my PC without my knowledge! *problems!*

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